Acoustic Magicians!!

Ok … so some of you might already of seen me live or know that ive been doing a lot of acoustic gigs with the ACOUSTIC MAGIC team.. if you havent , I thought id give you all a little heads up on who they are and what the nights are about…..

Acoustic Magic is a great idea that was put into place buy Good Ol’ Derek from CLEAR BLUE SKIES. The plan is to put together the cream of local talented musicians and have them all playing on one night, one after another in every venue possible across the country in order to promote there own material.

The nights consist of anywhere from 4 to 6 acoustic musicians all playing time slots one after another of 30-40 mins or until the night comes to an end.. and the music becomes a wide range of styles and material.

The guys who run the show are Derek and Hairy from the band Clear Blue Skies ,who do a great job scouting for gigs ,running the nights and also doing a set in there somewhere at every gig too….. they also push local musicians to play original material at these gigs which is great for upcoming musicians!!

So far i’ve done at least 8 or 9 gigs with these guys and have played some of the most enjoyable nights ive had gigging because of the humour, great atmosphere, playing in some great venues i would never have played in and meeting some great musicians to share the stage with,including US Rocker Adam Bomb, Steve Daggett, Hague, Simon Todd, Garry featherstone, Daisy Windsor, and Micky Oliver…. not to mention the Clear Blue Skies guys themselves..

So if you’re up for a good night out and you like your live music.. get yourselves along to an Acoustic Magic gig for a night with a difference if you haven’t already been, and if you want to read an independant review about the nights you can check one out here at

Until Next time..and BIG UP FOR THE ACOUSTIC MAGIC GUYS!! …. shaggy!!


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