Busking on the Toon!!!

So heres the Story! On tuesday afternoon tez rang and asked if I wanted to go for a walk around the toon (newcastle) later with our cameras to get some photos of the quayside by night with my guitar in hand , which sounded like a plan!! Some busking shots was the idea .. but the next thing that came into my mind was the hefty fines for busking in newcastle.. SO!! .. while waiting on terry I decided to give newcastle council a ring and see how to go about getting allowance to busk around the town centre. Within a 3 minute phonecall everything was sorted and a big thanks to newcastle council and steve patterson for this and also for sending me the info by mail!

So I was all set for busking.. and terry turned up with his squeaky brakes dead on time and off we went to the quayside in the freezin cold with our wooly hats and scarfs on!

After deciding to pull the guitar out down next to the bridge for some photos.. I ran through some songs while shaking to death as terry ran round me like a mad man with the camera..

After 10 minutes or so a bunch of women appeared and hovered round for a bit listening while i chattered some songs while trying to feel my fingers.. they then came over and asked if they could take their photos with me , so over they came huddled up for some pics!! And here they are 🙂

Terry screamed about the website and being able to pick up the photos he was taking from there too, and i dropped the gals a CD and in exchange i got a nice crisp sky diver (Fiver) ..Woohoooooooooooooooo!!.. Thanks again for that!! 😉

Me n Terry then decided to pack up after the 15 minutes busking and find the nearest chippy to get rid of our winnings and try to thaw our bodys out whilst scoffing our faces!! That is after he decided to climb something and get his ass out !!

BRING ON THE SUMMER!! I cant wait to try more busking doon the toon!! hahahhahahahah

After the chipshop we went for a play around some strange creepy places with the cameras and a 50p laser light and ended up with some mad pics!! Heres the creepy place we found….

And our “painting with light” photos with the laser light!!

and some ramdoms from the neet!!

Till next time.. and HATS OFF TO ALL THE BUSKERS!!



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