…. Yellow Submawha??

Just received some great news in about a gig on Febuary 25th 2010. 

Ill be playing at the “CAVERN CLUB” Liverpool as part of the Acoustic Magic Team and itll be £5.00 a ticket for those wanting to travel down…

For those of you who have been locked away since you were born in a shed..  and havent heard of the place..

The Cavern Club is one if the most famous Music Venues in the world.. and heres a little snippit about the place!!

The Cavern Club is a live music club at 10 Mathew Street, Liverpool, England. Opened on Wednesday 16 January 1957, the club is where Brian Epstein was introduced to The Beatles on 9 November 1961.

Heres a photo from outside the venue .. and the sculpture of john lennon!


..and a link to the homepage!


So here’s to the night of sharing the stage with some of the best musicians in the world along side some great freinds from Acoustic Magic!!

I no its a year to wait but … .. f*^k… i cant WAIIIIIT!!

Shaggy!! big thanks to Derek for sorting this!!


One thought on “…. Yellow Submawha??

  1. Hmmmmm i guess as far as gigs go, that its ok…..i mean….its just a venue right? only kiddin!!!! WOOHOOOOOO!!! great stuff Shaggy!!!!

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