Vintage guitars anyone? and Youtube love!!

Its Been a while since my last update so theres gona be a few things mentioned below!!

1.Ive been Endorsed by Vintage Acoustic Guitars
2.New Album “Algorhythms” will be available soon.
3.New Youtube videos and over 100,000 views!

Vintage Guitars

Yeah so my big news at the moment is that Shagpile has just been endorsed by Vintage Guitars…. So for the next 18 months…il be using my new guitar from now on in my Youtube Videos… which is a Vintage V1200n and was delivered last week.. and I love it!

I was really surprised at the quality of the guitar and it plays like a dream and I ive got my first video up with it already so you can check it out and see how its sounding …So a great big thank you to Vintage guitars!!

Here it is…  A Cover of “Wheels” by the Foofighters

3rd Album “Algorhthyms”

Yep… its finally here and youll be able to grab it from all good online stores or gigs from the 30th August 2010….

Heres a quick track listing.. and I know a few of you will be pleased theres one cover which a lot of people have been wanting to purchase on there.. and its “Sweet Child O’Mine” by Guns N Roses…. all done correctly through the right channels and im finally allowed to sell a version of this on my Album!


2.Gun  In Hand

3.Without You

4.Brandy Bob

5.Song for Olivia

6.Sweet Child O’Mine (Cover)

7.Judy Let go

So look out for the album from the 30th August on iTunes,Amazon,Hmv & other online retailers!!

Lots of New Youtube Videos & over 100,000 views

So since the last update ive been pretty busy on youtube and my channel has really starting to grow….  Ive broke over 100,000 video views, over 1000 subscribers and my new Video Log is up as well on the channel…… for any news and updates!  So heres the new videos ive put up lately!! Enjoy

Thanks to everyone for your continued support !!



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