Whats this about?

Amazing Adventures Always is a little home of creativity and blogging about shaggys life and travels as a touring musician and songwriter.

Shagpile is a Singer/Songwriter from the Northumberland in the North East of England who writes, tours and performs in various different ways and acts in the UK, Europe and America.

This Blog & Diary will be updated regularly with various different happenings throughout each year from travelling as a musician and lyricist to writings, drawings, poems and pretty much anything creative and hopefully giving an insight into a more personal life of Shaggy.

Sharing the ups’n’downs of a musical career and creators life of travelling and hopefully inspiring and helping other musicians, people and friends along the way in anyway possible.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Shaggy (Jason Vare)


Shagpile performing live

2 thoughts on “Whats this about?

  1. This is great Jason i will try and post some of my fine thoughts that enter my mind from time to time.
    Cheers from the cold USA

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