… let me put you in the picture!!

Alreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!  I know I aint had much time to update the site a lot lately ..apart from my quick Switzerland trip blogging..  so I’d thought id give you all a heads up why…

Of course some of you will already know ..but.. for those that dont!! Then here is the beef!! hahaha

First off is the band im in “Stolen Tom” ..  has been going really well lately and we’ve been busy little bunnies recording and releasing and promoting our Debut album “DOO DAN DOO DILLY” which went live online and in a few retailers on the 18th March.. You can download it HERE

We had an album launch party @ Bubbles in Ashington which went down a storm and then the big gig 2 days after at the O2 Academy in Newcastle on the 20th with support from Derek Allan from Clear Blue Skies. The O2 was by far one of the best turnouts and gigs yet for the band..  lets hope theres more to come!

Heres some links to the band sites and album incase you have been hidden in a dark hole some where..





The other thing is that I joined forces with the magical man of mystery..Derek Allan from the band, Clear Blue Skies to create a new Acoustic Duo called “WE STEAL FLYERS”, and we’ve been spending a bit time trying to get a set together and playing our first couple of gigs..  The first was supporting Rod Clements from the band world famous band Lindisfarne at Rothbury Roots.. then the second supporting Hayseed Dixie and Ed Tudor Pole on the main stage of the O2 Academy in front of roughly 1500 people.. which was awesome.. not bad for our first 2 gigs huh?  Were also recording our first EP in April..so look out for that!!

Heres some links to some info and websites about We Steal Flyers..





So lots of stuff happening.. just not all concentrated on Shagpile..  but dont worry.. I aint stopping solo gigs and my 3rd album is still on its way due later this year….  I just have lots more things to keep up with… and lots more writing to do and loads more gigs!!!

Hope this clears a lot up for you all!!

..and dont forget to check out the other sites and stuff .. and if you like what you hear..  get on the mailing lists or give us a subb on youtube or subscribe to the blogs,add us on myspace or add us on twitter!! Its nice to hook up!!

..thanks again for all your support!! Shaggy

Easy To Read

Just thought id give you a quick heads up on my new acoustic solo album which is coming out soon…..

Easy To Read is the title for the upcoming album and is near completion now!! … The album will feature 8 tracks and should be hopefully released over the next couple of weeks.. check back for the dates!

The artwork is also nearly complete and you can see a sample below…. oh and thanks to terry mason for taking the photos down in Newcastle town centre.

Ive added below a sample track for you all to have a listen which is the title track from the album “Easy To Read” … so have a listen and dont forget to leave your comments below.

Easy To Read by Shagpile

The album will also go live on “CDBABY” once released and then on to the digitial distribution market…        i.e  iTunes, Amazon, Napster and such like .. currently both albums are signed up for 12 companies so if theres a preferable one that you like to use….. hopefully it’ll be on the list which will be coming soon!

The track listing upto now is as follows.. but may change over the next couple of weeks…

1. Young

2. You and your Lies

3. Hold On , Slow Down

4. Passing Through

5. Easy To Read

6. Old

7. Mystery

8. (Live Bonus Track) Worth More Than Here – Lyrics by Fiona Dunne

Until the next BLOG .. enjoy!