Letter to Santy

Dear Santa

Hey, Its Shaggy here, you remember me??? I am the one who always behaved and never ever did anything wrong. *gives a special shaggy grin!!*

I have been really good ALL year, I only was drunk for half the year, i only ALMOST killed my little brother Stevie with tattoo ink, he’s been naughtier than me anyway coz he’s been drunk alot more. My big brother Andy, he has been really really bad……but i dont have to tell you cos i know you have seen what he’s been up to, *nudge nudge wink wink*

I’ve written lots of songs for people to enjoy, see?? i am a fabulous person. And i have been working really hard….so hard that i keep getting colds….*looks really sad* What i would really really like for christmas this year is….A raleigh burner with white walls on it and mag wheels oh and some stunt-pegs for taking me mates doon the woods on!! *gives another special shaggy grin* Ive stuck a photo below of it so you know which colour i want..

..oh and dont come up with the excuse ya didnt get my letter cos i stuck it everywhere… myspazz,facef**k,twitter and on my blog.

Thanks Mr Santa


Shaggy šŸ™‚

What a Year!! What a Year!!

Its been a great year for me, my music and shagpile.org but now its nearly over….


Its Christmas Eve tomorrow and theres only one Gig left to to play this year at the Three Wheat Heads in Thropton and this is on New Years Eve, so what better way to start next year than downing a load of drink and jamming with the Acoustic Magic team until it hits 2009….

This year has definately been a great one for me and my music…. and heres a little list of the achievments which ive managed to get through .. with a little help of courseĀ  …

* First of all .. joining up with Derek & Hairy along side the Acoustic Magic team… all the gigs they’ve gave me the chance to play, the people ive met and played along side and all the venues I would have never have had the chance to Play at. Big thanks to you two nuttas thats helped make the past year what it was…

* My first album “Finding Yourself” completed and released for sale at gigs, Shagpile.org, CDbaby, iTunes, efolk, Payplay and Secondlife and too all ofĀ  you who purchased the album and supported my music.. Big Thanx and Hugz from shaggy!!

* Sharing the stage and meeting with some great artists/musicians… including Clear Blue Skies, Steve Daggett(Lindisfarne), Miles Hunt (Wonderstuff) and Erika Nockalls, Hague, Adam Bomb,Ā  Daryl Burns, Snatchbag, Micky Oliver, Simon Todd and one of my personal favourites…. Paul Liddell. Thanks again to the Acoustic Magic lads for makingĀ  most of these possible..

* Recording and Artwork ready for the second album “Easy To Read” which is going to be ready for the beginning of 2009..Ā  which features a bonus live track with lyrics which were written by Fiona Dunn… It wont be long I promise!!

* Not really music related but has definately been the biggest thing of the year for me!!!.. little baby Olivia Vare….born 9th October 2008.. the new addition to the household…. and im sure she’s gona give me plenty songs to write about in the future!!

So to everyone ive met this year, played alongside, had a pint with, shook a rattle at, danced with, fell over, borrowed there car, had a lift home, borrowed some cash, took a photo of……. and anything else you can think of..


…and il catch you all after the new year!!!!