… let me put you in the picture!!

Alreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!  I know I aint had much time to update the site a lot lately ..apart from my quick Switzerland trip blogging..  so I’d thought id give you all a heads up why…

Of course some of you will already know ..but.. for those that dont!! Then here is the beef!! hahaha

First off is the band im in “Stolen Tom” ..  has been going really well lately and we’ve been busy little bunnies recording and releasing and promoting our Debut album “DOO DAN DOO DILLY” which went live online and in a few retailers on the 18th March.. You can download it HERE

We had an album launch party @ Bubbles in Ashington which went down a storm and then the big gig 2 days after at the O2 Academy in Newcastle on the 20th with support from Derek Allan from Clear Blue Skies. The O2 was by far one of the best turnouts and gigs yet for the band..  lets hope theres more to come!

Heres some links to the band sites and album incase you have been hidden in a dark hole some where..





The other thing is that I joined forces with the magical man of mystery..Derek Allan from the band, Clear Blue Skies to create a new Acoustic Duo called “WE STEAL FLYERS”, and we’ve been spending a bit time trying to get a set together and playing our first couple of gigs..  The first was supporting Rod Clements from the band world famous band Lindisfarne at Rothbury Roots.. then the second supporting Hayseed Dixie and Ed Tudor Pole on the main stage of the O2 Academy in front of roughly 1500 people.. which was awesome.. not bad for our first 2 gigs huh?  Were also recording our first EP in April..so look out for that!!

Heres some links to some info and websites about We Steal Flyers..





So lots of stuff happening.. just not all concentrated on Shagpile..  but dont worry.. I aint stopping solo gigs and my 3rd album is still on its way due later this year….  I just have lots more things to keep up with… and lots more writing to do and loads more gigs!!!

Hope this clears a lot up for you all!!

..and dont forget to check out the other sites and stuff .. and if you like what you hear..  get on the mailing lists or give us a subb on youtube or subscribe to the blogs,add us on myspace or add us on twitter!! Its nice to hook up!!

..thanks again for all your support!! Shaggy


Brandy Bob Cartoon

I recently recorded a quick demo of a new song I am recording for the 3rd album. The song is called “Brandy Bob” . The song came about after reading an article about a guy who died from a blow to the back of the head from a trombone player in an orchestra.. who got a little bit excited while he was playing..Muhahahha…. so the song ended up being about a serial killer called Brandy Bob who took out his victims with a trombone.  I no… a little weird..hahaha.. but its coming none the less..the name of “Brandy Bob” came from an acoustic trio that did a support slot for Stolen Tom at the steamboat in Blyth. I had the song and no name for the character and Brandy Bob just simply fit in nice 🙂 Cheers guys n gal!

I set about a bit of a buzz online to find an animator to create a flash cartoon “music Video” to go along with the final song which will be released before the album to help promote it coming out at the end of the year and finally settled on an animator called Saša Anđelić. Sasa will be working on the whole project and i have done some sketches of brandy bob which you can see below and sent them over via email so he can get busy working on it. You can find a link to Sasa’s homepage HERE. He has some great photography on there and the website design is great.. well worth checking out.He also does a lot of fantastic flash webdesign too so if you need anything doing.. hes the guy to ask!

I also wrote out a Quick Storyboard for the song and video idea which i had in mind which you can see below as well…

I will be posting updates from sasa here along the way just to let you know how its getting on and how the design work is going ..

Heres my sketchwork and coloured work I did for the basic design and idea of Brandy Bob… .say hi!!

brandy bob 2brandy bob 2 coloured with shading

And heres the rough script i had written out below…..

Storyboard Write up.

all set at night with a bit of freaky animation!

The intro of the four bar break was to be a high up city view , moonlit shot with the titles over.. built up of still images and parting as it zooms into a park in the distance..

1st verse
this is to be a scene in the park where a girl is walking through the park late at night.. shivering away with her hood up.. brandy bob popping up behind different things and disapearing again.. bins,bushes and park benches.. things like that. Could be still images again slowly poppin up then disapearing again. A mouse runs out in front of her and the girl gets a fright.. stops. And brandy bob bonks her on the head with the trombone and drags her off screen..

lead break
Brandy sitting on a step outside an old dingy house.. stumming away on a guitar with his trombone standing against the wall or step beside him.. with a case open on the floor with a few coins in..

chorus 1

Brandy bob singing away and nodding to the lyrics close up so you cant see much behind him in an old dingy house or shed.
Just him and a microphone.. for the effect of zooming out on the band (the dead victims) for the last choruses. This scene will be repeated through the other choruses before the end.

Verse 2
Scene set outside an office building with a girl working away through a window at a photocopier.. as brandy bob stands outside under a streetlamp polishing the trombone.. lights go out in the office and brandy jumps behind a bush.. the girl comes out, locks up and walks past ,, BONK on the head again… and he drags her behind the bush..

Chorus 2
Same as the last chorus with maybe some very slight differences just so it doesn’t look “copy-paste”

3rd verse and scene – verse is twice as long..
To be set in a bar with people standing round drinkin.. with brandy bob poppin up again behind stools .. between peoples legs, behind the bar.. anything like that for first part of scene.
2nd part to be the girl walking home drunk along a pathway as brandy bob pops up again behind things.. then the girl gets to her door trying to get her key in the lock drunk .. and brandy bob bonks her on the head and does off with her..

Chorus 3

Same as the last chorus with maybe some very slight differences just so it doesn’t look “copy-paste”

lead break – same again..
Brandy sitting on a step outside an old dingy house.. stumming away on a guitar with his trombone standing against the wall or step beside him.. with a case open on the floor with a few coins in..

Chorus 4 and 5 to end..
Camera slowly pans out to show the band behind him .. the three dead victims .. one slouched over the drums with sticks taped to her hands.. one tied to a chair with a bass guitar on her knee and an amp near her.. the 3rd will be tied to a chair at the other side with a guitar taped to her on a chair. As brandy bob stands out front with his microphone singing away to the end .. towards the end one of the girl falls off the chair onto the floor..  and brandy bob storms off the screen..

Keep an eye here to see whats going on and how its progressing 🙂

Shaggy & Sasa…