Applecarts & Tanglewoods

BOOOOOO!!!!! Its been a little while since I got to the blog so I have quite a few updates on what’s been happening to catch up on but I’ll try and keep it short and sweet!

First of all, I am sure most of you know by now that the new ‘We Steal Flyers‘ album ‘Applecart’ finally arrived and has been released to the world. You can now purchase it online and at most of the good online retailers like iTunes, Amazon & Cdbaby. The physical copies are also now available at ‘We Steal Flyers’ gigs and for home delivery from the ‘We Steal Flyers’ Shop.

Its been available now for just over a month and the support has been completely overwhelming! Not only did we have lots of orders online through our shop but they have been flying out at our gigs and the feedback from everyone has been so great! Lots of happy people out there with new songs from the us to listen to! A massive thanks to all of you for your continued support and patience! Now lets crack on and get the next album sorted!!

wsf banner page album
The next exciting news is after doing a few live videos in Dennis Todd Music shop in Bedlington for guitar manufacturers Tanglewood, I am now an official Tanglewood artist/endorsee. We kept in touch after the videos were shot and released and it all came together. They are a brilliant UK based company who make some stunning guitars and I am now the owner of a beautiful all mahogany TW47E which was presented to me in my local Dennis Todd Music Shop by Mark Whiteman. I’m proud as punch!

shagpile banner tanglewood

The new addition! Tanglewood TW47E

I was also performing a wedding gig in Ashington last week with Growing Robots with the new guitar for its second outing and the great Darren who is our bass player managed to grab some shots as I was setting up for the show. These were used on the Tanglewood website! You can check out some of Darrens amazing landscape photography of Northumberland and further afield at his homepage ‘Darren Turner Photography’

It’s been a busy old time here in the Shagnut Studio too with a few different projects for artists but I am also well into working on my new solo album too. Its already featuring a few great people you might know of through my pages and the songs all feel exciting and fresh to me. The album is heading towards more melodic and bluesy finger-style guitar and playing around with different tunings to keep it all exciting and I’m absolutely loving the challenges and the learning curves that have come along with it all. I still have lots of more good news in the pipeline but I will have to leave this for the next update!

Life has been good, creative, full of fun, love, laughter and busy times!! What else do I need??

Now back to work I go… hahaha! After a cuppa and some Marmite on toast of course!

Jason … #amazingadventuresalways

Vintage guitars anyone? and Youtube love!!

Its Been a while since my last update so theres gona be a few things mentioned below!!

1.Ive been Endorsed by Vintage Acoustic Guitars
2.New Album “Algorhythms” will be available soon.
3.New Youtube videos and over 100,000 views!

Vintage Guitars

Yeah so my big news at the moment is that Shagpile has just been endorsed by Vintage Guitars…. So for the next 18 months…il be using my new guitar from now on in my Youtube Videos… which is a Vintage V1200n and was delivered last week.. and I love it!

I was really surprised at the quality of the guitar and it plays like a dream and I ive got my first video up with it already so you can check it out and see how its sounding …So a great big thank you to Vintage guitars!!

Here it is…  A Cover of “Wheels” by the Foofighters

3rd Album “Algorhthyms”

Yep… its finally here and youll be able to grab it from all good online stores or gigs from the 30th August 2010….

Heres a quick track listing.. and I know a few of you will be pleased theres one cover which a lot of people have been wanting to purchase on there.. and its “Sweet Child O’Mine” by Guns N Roses…. all done correctly through the right channels and im finally allowed to sell a version of this on my Album!


2.Gun  In Hand

3.Without You

4.Brandy Bob

5.Song for Olivia

6.Sweet Child O’Mine (Cover)

7.Judy Let go

So look out for the album from the 30th August on iTunes,Amazon,Hmv & other online retailers!!

Lots of New Youtube Videos & over 100,000 views

So since the last update ive been pretty busy on youtube and my channel has really starting to grow….  Ive broke over 100,000 video views, over 1000 subscribers and my new Video Log is up as well on the channel…… for any news and updates!  So heres the new videos ive put up lately!! Enjoy

Thanks to everyone for your continued support !!


sun sun sun!!

What a week its been for the weather in the UK!! So a grabbed my guitar, a monkey,an umbrella and some kids musical toys.. and off me n stevie went down the ha’penny woods to play some tunes and record a little vid!!

So Here ya go!! “Easy To Read”

What a minta of a day !

Enjoy!! Shaggy!!