Curly-hair does care!

After a bit of a crazy week of the We Steal Flyers tour mobiles trouble and having to cancel some shows, I ended up being around the house over the weekend and into the next week a lot more than expected. I was missing the music that had been planned and on a lazy Tuesday night last week I ended up on the couch with the Curly one and my lovely new Sigma guitar.

There is pretty much guitars everywhere in our little humble home and they pretty much get picked up all day and played around with for a little then put down again. I can be in the kitchen, studio or sitting on the couch and noodling away while the tea is being cooked, the missus is creating her little crafty things at the table or when a movie is on.

So this Tuesday I was sitting playing around on the couch while Curly sat checking her phone and having a bit chin-wag with a glass of wine and after a bit noodle on the guitar we decided to try out a few songs while we chilled together. I even managed to bring her round to the idea of maybe recording a video for YouTube of us together. I was quite surprised as when I first tried to get her to record a little vocal in the studio, without video, I pretty much had to push the record button and then leave the building as quick as possible and come back when she was done! Hahahha. She is a shy little thing when it comes to her singing so this was quite a step.


Sound Check for Declan & Ali Donnelly’s Wedding

Curly does perform live though in a band, on her own with the piano and with me too. She sings for a worship band performing at events and festivals usually focused towards Youth Ministry. The band also performs around monthly at the lovely St. Marys Church in the centre of Newcastle for Y.M.T at their regular ‘Source’ events. She also performs at weddings and other Church related events and I managed to perform alongside her earlier this year during the service of ‘Declan & Ali Donnelly’s’ wedding (Ant & Dec) and as you can imagine it was quite a thing to be part of! We have a few wedding services to perform throughout this year together too. This was just to give you a little history on the little Curly one and what she does by the way!

I’ve been along to quite a few of the ‘Source’ events at St. Marys and when she sings with the band on stage, she really puts herself into an amazing place and her voice and emotion takes a whole life of its own and fills the huge chamber sounding church. The kids & adults absolutely love the events and its like being at an arena gig with the lights and production and all the effort that people put into it.

Anyhow, getting back on track we worked through a few songs together and we picked a song to get her singing on the camera for YouTube. Doby Gray’s – Drift Away was the song of choice and without a real practice, just a couple of quick run through, we managed to get sat in front of the camera in the kitchen and recorded it. We checked a little of the footage afterwards and I got all the crazy comments in my ear of “is that my face” , “I look weird” , “ohh I’m a bit off there” and “wow…shaggy you look amazing with that guitar you should buy loads more” hahahhahah. OK maybe not the last one… but I think she did amazing and looked fantabulous on the video as she always does!

The next morning I got the video up on YouTube and the response from all you lovely people out there was really amazing. All of the lovely comments & feedback from everyone has really boosted her confidence in singing in front of the camera and I’m sure she will be back with some more music as requested by so many of you. You did well, the shares and comments kept rolling in and it hit nearly 800 views in less than a week and we’re both over the moon!! Thank you!!

Jason #amazingadventuresalways

… let me put you in the picture!!

Alreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!  I know I aint had much time to update the site a lot lately ..apart from my quick Switzerland trip blogging..  so I’d thought id give you all a heads up why…

Of course some of you will already know ..but.. for those that dont!! Then here is the beef!! hahaha

First off is the band im in “Stolen Tom” ..  has been going really well lately and we’ve been busy little bunnies recording and releasing and promoting our Debut album “DOO DAN DOO DILLY” which went live online and in a few retailers on the 18th March.. You can download it HERE

We had an album launch party @ Bubbles in Ashington which went down a storm and then the big gig 2 days after at the O2 Academy in Newcastle on the 20th with support from Derek Allan from Clear Blue Skies. The O2 was by far one of the best turnouts and gigs yet for the band..  lets hope theres more to come!

Heres some links to the band sites and album incase you have been hidden in a dark hole some where..





The other thing is that I joined forces with the magical man of mystery..Derek Allan from the band, Clear Blue Skies to create a new Acoustic Duo called “WE STEAL FLYERS”, and we’ve been spending a bit time trying to get a set together and playing our first couple of gigs..  The first was supporting Rod Clements from the band world famous band Lindisfarne at Rothbury Roots.. then the second supporting Hayseed Dixie and Ed Tudor Pole on the main stage of the O2 Academy in front of roughly 1500 people.. which was awesome.. not bad for our first 2 gigs huh?  Were also recording our first EP in look out for that!!

Heres some links to some info and websites about We Steal Flyers..





So lots of stuff happening.. just not all concentrated on Shagpile..  but dont worry.. I aint stopping solo gigs and my 3rd album is still on its way due later this year….  I just have lots more things to keep up with… and lots more writing to do and loads more gigs!!!

Hope this clears a lot up for you all!!

..and dont forget to check out the other sites and stuff .. and if you like what you hear..  get on the mailing lists or give us a subb on youtube or subscribe to the blogs,add us on myspace or add us on twitter!! Its nice to hook up!!

..thanks again for all your support!! Shaggy


Ive managed to land another radio interview with Newcastle based radio statio … NE1 FM.

NE1fm is Newcastle upon Tyne’s first full-time FM community radio station which broadcasts 365 days a year at frequency 102.5FM and also live streams online making it available to the whole world via the internet.

The interview will be going ahead on Tuesday the 25th of August at 7:00pm and il be playing a selection of live tracks on there too as part of the show.

You can listen online by following the link below and opening into your favourite player.

NE1 FM – Homepage is here –>

NE1 FM – Live Stream to listen online –>

Hope some of you get a chance to tune in and send in some questions if you would like something answered!!

Shaggy!! – The Official homepage of Shagpile and his original Music

Busking on the Toon!!!

So heres the Story! On tuesday afternoon tez rang and asked if I wanted to go for a walk around the toon (newcastle) later with our cameras to get some photos of the quayside by night with my guitar in hand , which sounded like a plan!! Some busking shots was the idea .. but the next thing that came into my mind was the hefty fines for busking in newcastle.. SO!! .. while waiting on terry I decided to give newcastle council a ring and see how to go about getting allowance to busk around the town centre. Within a 3 minute phonecall everything was sorted and a big thanks to newcastle council and steve patterson for this and also for sending me the info by mail!

So I was all set for busking.. and terry turned up with his squeaky brakes dead on time and off we went to the quayside in the freezin cold with our wooly hats and scarfs on!

After deciding to pull the guitar out down next to the bridge for some photos.. I ran through some songs while shaking to death as terry ran round me like a mad man with the camera..

After 10 minutes or so a bunch of women appeared and hovered round for a bit listening while i chattered some songs while trying to feel my fingers.. they then came over and asked if they could take their photos with me , so over they came huddled up for some pics!! And here they are 🙂

Terry screamed about the website and being able to pick up the photos he was taking from there too, and i dropped the gals a CD and in exchange i got a nice crisp sky diver (Fiver) ..Woohoooooooooooooooo!!.. Thanks again for that!! 😉

Me n Terry then decided to pack up after the 15 minutes busking and find the nearest chippy to get rid of our winnings and try to thaw our bodys out whilst scoffing our faces!! That is after he decided to climb something and get his ass out !!

BRING ON THE SUMMER!! I cant wait to try more busking doon the toon!! hahahhahahahah

After the chipshop we went for a play around some strange creepy places with the cameras and a 50p laser light and ended up with some mad pics!! Heres the creepy place we found….

And our “painting with light” photos with the laser light!!

and some ramdoms from the neet!!

Till next time.. and HATS OFF TO ALL THE BUSKERS!!