Rainbow Trust Charity Gig


“Music for presents” was an idea thought up by Acoustic Magic and Clear Blue Skies Main man .. Derek.. and involved getting together a group of acoustic artist/musicians which perform across the North East as part of the Acoustic Magic show and dropping them in Alnwick Marketplace at 12:15pm on a Sunday morning.. to play some live music as people brought presents for the charity … Rainbow Trust

The list of players involved was Clear Blue Skies, Hague, Shagpile (that would be meee!!), Daryl Burns, Garry featherstone and Micky Oliver.

cbs shaggy

The marquee was put up and the PA provided by hague and he kickstarted the day off with a few tunes.. by his fourth song you could tell this was gona be harder than we thought.. as shaking from the cold, blue fingers and chattering teeth dont usually go well when your trying to sing and play a guitar..hahhaha.. so we decided that 4 songs each on a rotation was going to be enough..

mama-nd-ollie jen-and-crowd

We had a great day as the artists took there turns.. and plenty people brought presents for the little kiddy winkles.. so a big thanks to all who played, listened, brought presents and also to hague for the posters and flyers and PA , santy and her little leaflet giving elves… also thanks to louies bistro for donating coffee for all the players..


We also had a special appearence by a little gal singing for us.. from the audience.. unfortunately i didnt catch her name and i would ask hague but he got it wrong at least 7 times…but heres a photo of her and hague doing a duet of “Summer Holiday”


Unfortunately there wasnt much help from the charity with anything and they didnt even list it on there website events.. ??? so no thanks to the Rainbow trust!!

All in all though it was a great day and we managed to collect heaps of toys which were dropped off for the charity.. Good work all who turned up on this frosty day of live music!!


You can find loads more photos from the event HERE!!!!!!!!!

Until the next BLOG!! shaggy is signing out!!