Happy to Feed a Smile!

I thought I would drop in and tell you a little about one of last weekends shows. January is always a bit strange with gigs and venues for working musicians. So many venues end up cancelling music or even closing all together which has a massive effect on my life as a full-time musician and of course on the venue owners too! I ended up having a few more dates available than usual this January and I was asked to perform an online gig within the virtual world of Secondlife. This time it was a little different though, as it was a Benefit or Charity Gig for Feed A Smile and Live & Learn in Kenya. I hadn’t played any Charity shows in Secondlife so thought I would check out the charity and what they provided and I decided to go for it.


kenya kids

check out these smiles 🙂


Here is how the gig works, people donate in a currency in which every 100 lindens (Secondlife Currency) exchanges to purchasing 1 hot meal. It is a really great way to view the show, rather than seeing the money exchanged and thinking about totals raised and it makes it so much more fun and engaging. During the live show, there is a board behind you which tells everyone how many meals you have managed to raise throughout the 1-hour show within the virtual world.


DennyMac on stage!

The full fundraising mission for Feed A Smile was 2 hours long for Sundays edition and there was a great musician performing in the hour before my own show called DennyMac who was a fantastic guitar player and played some great songs including some lovely instrumental original music he had written. After both our shows were finished and the donations were counted up we managed to raise an amazing 110 hot meals. How unbelievably amazing is it that with just 1 hour of my time performing a live gig, from the comfort of my own home, this can make such a huge difference and impact these lovely little kids, who are in need in such a huge way.

So yeah! I’m looking forward to working with them again in the future and helping out in any way I can and I’d just like to say a massive thanks to everyone who helped put this all together especially Brique, Lo , Sparkie, Lo Bloch Management, DennyMac and of course the lovely listeners who turned out for the show!

Go out there and be awesome my friends and do something great today along your way!

Amazing Adventures Always – Jason




Have a cup of English Tea

On Sunday past, I jumped into the virtual world of SecondLife to perform a 1 hour live show at the brilliant Key West Resort music venue and for those of you who don’t know about SecondLife, its kind of hard to explain, but, Its an online avatar-based virtual world and In there people can buy and rent land and build music venues and have live musicians stream into the world at virtual gigs. There is a whole lot more to it than that but if you want to check it out and have yourself a virtual wander around then you can find all the info at secondlife.com

Here I am being a virtual shaggy, jamming out on a virtual Martin guitar in some wonderful virtual sunshine by the coast!

shaggy in sl

Shagpile Spyker in the virtual world of Secondlife

With the help of the lovely Lo Bloch Management I get a few live shows in there and Sunday was one of those. There was a great bunch of people in-world to listen in from people I knew in the past within Secondlife, when I spent a lot more time in there performing live music, to great friends who live not so far away from me in the UK.

Ron Bizzle is one of the first kind of those people, and I met Ron many years ago in-world as he floated around a lot of live gigs in SecondLife, documenting live performers for his YouTube channel. Ron lives way over in St. Louis, Missouri, USA but I had the pleasure of him coming to a couple of my live gigs with Growing Robots & We Steal Flyers in the UK and meeting him in person.

At the show on Sunday, a local friend Alan Cook was also at the gig in-world and Alan comes out to lots of local, live, We Steal Flyers shows around the UK and he requested that I sang an original song I wrote for the latest album ‘English Tea’

The two moments combined and Ron decided to film the song for his channel and out came this little video of me singing the song live in Secondlife. Here is ‘English Tea’ from the We Steal Flyers album ‘Applecart’ . If you would like to hear the studio version head over to Spotify to listen to the album here. As always thanks for checking in if you’re reading this and if you check out Secondlife be sure to say hello in-world.

Have a great and adventurous day!

Amazing Adventures Always



Virtual venues & live music online

Ever since I came across this wonderful internet world that we all pretty much take for granted these days, I have been involved in some way in performing & sharing live music in some way online.

From virtual Avatars performing on a great range of bizarre, beautiful, and wonderfully built 3D venues and stages in a completely virtual world to performing live audio and video streams from my studio, bedroom or even streaming live shows from a venue in the UK.

shagpile spyker

A virtual ‘Shagpile Spyker’ performing live in Secondlife

I’ve met some of my greatest friends and fans along the way of the journey and some of them still continue to be some of the friendliest, nicest and most active people when it comes to getting involved in my music, sharing and supporting online and they are all from very different places in this wonderful little world.

So…. I thought I’d share a few little things about each platform and let you have a little insight into each one and maybe if your a musician or a music lover that wants to watch or perform from home then you can have a little look and see if something here might help you in some way. So here goes…..

Secondlife : Secondlife is a massive multi player 3D universe that lives online. It has no computer controlled avatars, just real people. It also has its own currency which converts to which ever currency you work in. I’ve done a lot of live shows in Secondlife over the years and had some great fun in there and also built on a nice group of friends and fans. I first ended up heading to Secondlife to discover the music scene in there from a chat with someone in Camfrog (See below) and from there I met a venue owner called Fluffy who managed to help me out and let me play some shows in her own 3D venue called Casablanca. She became a great friend and now I travel to Ireland or she comes here at least a few times a year to meet and catch up. You can earn lindens through a virtual tip jar which is placed on the stage while you perform and you can also be paid from venue owners a fee for an hour show for instance I did a few shows for ‘Orange’ the mobile phone company in there who had they’re own venue with 3D models of new phones coming out. They pay to have an artist play in they’re venue and people come to listen and take a look around. The money converts back to your own currency when transferred out to Paypal.

 Here is a little video of me performing in Secondlife, all the avatars you see in the video are listeners who came to the show. This might give you a better idea of how it works and let you see how it looks.

Homepage – www.secondlife.com

StreetJelly : A fantastic online video streaming platform with a very ‘online busking’ feel. StreetJelly is completely free to sign up and all you need is a webcam and your off on your own streaming show. It is best if you understand sound a little and you have some microphones and a mixer to get it sounding nice before you stream but it is not needed or necessary. This place is all about live music and has such a great community feel about the place, where people like to get involved, listen to and perform music live to people who love it. You can also be tipped by listeners and they have a great little pin badge system for achievements which the listeners can award which makes it great fun. This is my favourite of all the platforms at the moment.

You can check out the live music and my StreetJelly profile HERE

StageIT : This is another brilliant live video and audio streaming platform. A very professional outfit and has artists like Bon Jovi and Jason Mraz performing on there live. On StageIT you must schedule a show and set a ticket price to sell your entry tickets. You perform for 30mins in front of your webcam/webcams and then a short encore set. If you have friends or a fan base which is outside of your own country this is a great way to give them the chance to watch you live.

I will be performing as We Steal Flyers with Derek on StageIT on the 1st of May 2016 and you can grab your tickets online HERE if you would like to check it out.

Homepage – StageIt

Camfrog : This is a live video chat room style platform. Camfrog seems a little out of date now and I haven’t performed in there for many years. You have to install software to use Camfrog and then you have to find and join a room and it seems a lot harder these days to find any music rooms in there. If you do there doesn’t seem to be many people hanging out in them. Camfrog music rooms have more of an open mic feel to them where you added yourself to a queue and waited for your turn to sing a song on the camera to the rest of the room. Camfrog isn’t aimed at musicians in anyway and is more just a general video chatroom service. At the same time it can be fun when it all comes together with the right people listening.

Homepage – Camfrog

BlogTV : This was very similar to StreetJelly but not quite aimed at musicians as much. You had to pay for a yearly Pro fee and the people at BlogTV sponsored ‘We Steal Flyers’ a lifetime PRO account for the ‘100 gigs in 100’ days tour and we performed live on there every tuesday as part of the tour. During the shows of the tour we managed to get numbers of viewers into the thousands at one time. Unfortunately BlogTV is no more and it got moved over to YouNow which wasn’t quite the same and not as much fun. It was a great time while it lasted though.

 Homepage – YouNow

So hopefully this gives you a little brief insight into how some of these platforms work and maybe even gave you some excitement to jump in, listen or perform live yourself. They can be great fun and as a musician it can be very rewarding performing to an online audience and a great way to reach an otherwise unreachable audience.

If you have any questions about any of them or would like some more information you can drop me a message or tell me about your own experience in the comments below.

Enjoy your streaming, listening and creating ‘Amazing Adventures Always’ and if you’d like to come join me in a StreetJelly show, get signed up and hit the follow button.

Have fun!



The Northumberland Gazette feature’s Shagpile..

The Northumberland Gazette is a weekly newspaper that covers the whole of Northumberland (Hence the name?.. Doh)

I had a phone call from from the Newspaper asking if i would do an interview for their pull-out section  “Northumberland Now” , where they have a column written by James Willoughby called “Band Stand

I did the interview and it popped up in the Newspaper a few days later entitled   “Shagpile takes music to the 3rd Dimension

Here’s a copy of the page for those who missed it!!!


Update!! The Big 3 OOOHHHHH!!!

Well the 2nd album “Easy To Read” has being going well .. and im now working on a few tracks to kick off the 3rd.. I have one recorded and a few i’ve been playing around with so hopefully that should be here in the middle of the year sometime! Ive also added the new mailing list which is managed by Fanbridge for regular email updates about happenings in the world of Shagpile. You can find this on the contact page of http://www.shagpile.org.

Ive also added a Giglistings page for my Online Gigs in the world of Secondlife to the homepage as well so you can now check for upcoming secondlife gigs .. for all you SL peeps!! Ive also added them to my giglistings on the myspace page aswell.

Ive got some great gigs coming up too as part of the Acoustic Magic Team this year supporting some great artists.. The first being Greg Griffin of the band “Proud Mary” on the 17th May , another is Chris Helme who was the voice of “The seahorses & The Yards” and a great one which I cant wait for is Mark Morris of “The Bluetones” which is gona be fantastic! The Marc Morris one will be @ The Steamboat in Blyth.. If anyone is wanting tickets for any of the gigs just contact me by email… These are all happening this year.

Also il be having my 30th Birthday bash at the Isabella on the 15th of may and theres gona be loadsa live music for the Bellacoustic night Special.. including Hague, Daryl Burns, Snatchbag , Clear Blue Skies, William West, Micky Oliver and myself… so drag ya butts down and sing Happy Birthday TO SHAGGY!!!!

WEHEEYYY!!!!!!!!! Well they reckon life starts at 30.. il tell you my verdict after the weekend.hahahhaa

Cya for now .. Shaggy!