OOOOOOHhh La Laaaaa la la!!

Another new cover up on my youtube page… A few people asked about this song being covered so here you are!!

This time im in DADGAD Tuning as it kinda lended itself to this song nicely!! Enjoy the music…..

Thats all Folks!! that a Boobtube?

…. bonjour!! allo!! and wassup!!

Ive recently been dunking a bit more time into my Boobtube channel than normal in a bid to get it built up and meet some more people and musicians on there..

There is 4 new videos added up since the last update so id thought id stick 3 of them in here too for y’all to look at.. including the new one i added yesterday called “Scars” ..  Its been up under 24 hours of writing this and bounced a few honours and awards already and nearly 300 watches.. 

#80 – Most Discussed (Today))
#8 – Most Discussed (Today)) – Music
#80 – Most Discussed (Today)) – Music – Global

so thanks to everyone who stopped by and supported me again by favouriting the vid and leaving your comments …  the channel has had a massive boost of followers too lately .. So hi to everyone thats new in there!

So heres the Vids… Enjoy!!

1. Scars – Original coming on my 3rd album

2. Gun In Hand – Original coming on my 3rd album

3. Brandy Bob – Original also coming on my 3rd album

Thanks again all!! Until next time!!


NE1-FM 102.5 Update….

Soooo……. Yesterday was my visit to the NE1FM Radio Station in Newcastle as part of an interview and some live tracks. I managed to talk T-shirt Terry into coming through and doing some photos with me in the studio too which you can see below!

Me 'n' Mark @ NE1FM 102.5

Me 'n' Mark @ NE1FM 102.5

After driving around looking for the place we finally give in to phoning the studio and sounding like eejiots and the nice fellas from NE1 walked around the corner to meet us at the garage. Which was about 10 steps in walking distance from the place… DOH!!!

We met Mark who was going to be doing the interview, had a tab and then dived into the studio..



All was going well and I managed to squeeze in 3 live tracks.,. “All inside”, “ Judy let go” which is a new track which is going to be released on my 3rd album which will be available later this year. I then attempted a cover of a Wacko Jacko track and started in the completely wrong place and made a right bollocks of it..  hahah..  It was all good though .. and I played the “that’s the thing about live music” card!!

Marc was a great bloke and introduced me to some new great music too which I look forward to checking out online about the net.



WHERES THE  KEYS??? … At the beginning of the night mark gave the keys to Terry to go and grab a CD out the car for me and after the show was finished … Mark came out of the studio to let us out … “Wheres the keys??” ..  No-one had the keys on them and we were locked in for another 30mins after that .. looking around for them in the studio and other rooms while Mark kept running back in and out to cue a track up in between spoaching about like a mad man..   Terry finally found them near the doors on the floor  and we finally got out and got our trophy for finding them… A KFC ON THE WAY HOME!! Finger licking good!!



Once again.. it was a great night and I finally got to meet up with the guys n gals from NE1 FM..  Unfortunately there was a bit of a problem with the stream and online listeners couldnt log in from the website so my phone was reeeeeeeeeeeed hot with…. apart from that I had a cracking night.

Mark doing his thang!!

Mark doing his thang!!


Time for a Change!!

Just a quick one to tell you of some changes!

My Homepage .. … is going through some big changes.  Its been up for a while now and has had Three full makeovers but I decided its time for another..

The whole visual side of the site will be completely different but im going to try and keep the content as close as possible to the original site…

Heres a screen shot of the main structure and layout of the site and its mainly based around one photo which was taken by Darren Turner Photography… Thanks to Dazlin for this and the rest of the great shots he got for me!!

a1 newsite screen grab

and heres a list of the main changes to the site itself…

* The visual design has been completely changed.

* The Cover Version section of music , Tabs section and the Guestbook have now been completely removed from the page.

* The New Mailing list sign up box , supplied by Fanbridge , has now been added to the Contact Page.

* Theres now a link in the menu straight to my Blog for all the news updates.. like this one..

* Gig-listings page has also been added as part of the main page and will include online gigs as well.

* Easy To Read album will also be available direct from the website and there will be some free tracks to download as tasters too.

* Downloadable Wallpapers and promo stuff will be added to the Fotos section of the site.

… all in all I am hoping this is all gona make the website a lot more exciting on the eyes as the colours in the old scheme were really gloomy and hopefully also make it more accesible and easier to navigate..

I am hoping to have it completed by the end of this week and any comments on the new site are appreciated!!


Lionheart Radio Interview and Live Session.

Lionheart Radio is a community run radio station that broadcasts from Alnwick in Northumberland and I landed an interview and also to play some live tracks of mine on there on the 2nd June via Derek from Acoustic Magic.


I turned up around 6:30pm on the Tuesday night with guitar in hand not really knowing what to expect as far as radio interviews go. After trailing up 3 or 4 flights of stairs I finally found my way to the reception of Lionheart Radio.. only to be told by the lovely gal on reception “you look out of breath .. didn’t you see the lift?” .. good job I had a little time before Paul turned up for his show to catch my breath back ..hahaha .. The receptionist also gave me a look at there stats and stuff on there computer which was cool and told me a bit of info about the station ….

Then Paul turned up … Paul Shucksmith has a show on there every Tuesday at 7:00pm and has been featuring the players from Acoustic magic on a monthly basis and theres been some great live music involved.. he’s definitely worth listening in for and I cant wait to hear the upcoming shows..

Paul went into the studio after splashing out the cups of Tea and I followed him in not long after with guitar in hand and a handful of CD’s. That’s when the nerves kicked in slightly .. we didn’t really have any preperation before hand and in between the song he told me that he doesn’t really plan out the show and likes it to just go along unplanned.. which I thought was a bit strange at first but the guy obviously knows what he is doing and once we got on air together he instantly makes you feel as if you’ve known him your whole life… and the show just all dropped into place from my point of view.. Paul instantly makes you feel relaxed and does a hell of a job at Lionheart. Top Fella!!!!!

Before I knew it the show had passed over 2 Hours of been on air .. I managed to play quite a few live tracks on air and also some tracks off the cd’s I took along. We had a heap of people emailing in and asking questions and asking for requests which really made the night that extra bit special.

So from shaggy the radio star!! Thanks for all the support from all who listened in and the show is repeated this Monday coming at 10pm incase you missed it…. And for those of you who did miss it , without a good excuse…. SHAMMMMMME ON YOU!!!

Don’t forget to check out Paul’s upcoming shows and drop in at the website to say hi….

Thanks again!! Shaggy!

Follow up to the big 3 ohhh!!! part deux!!

What a Weekend.

YOHOOOOO!! What a weekend its been and its took me till Tuesday to feel even remotely normal!!

To kick it off we were at the Isabella as part of the Bellacoustic night and the party for my 30th Birthday (although it wasn’t till Sunday). The night kicked off with Ickle Daryl Burns opening up with his set and went on till closing time through out all the players.

First of all thanks to all the players who gave there time to play … Daryl Burns, Clear Blue Skies, Micky Oliver, Hague, William West and the rest of Stolen Tom, which includes Sav playing the drums on Harrys Hat miced up… Hahha what a belta! We also had a SPECIAL GUEST appearance from Milinda doing her thing to La Bamba hahahhaha!! No Microphone Needed!!

Also thanks for everyone who came down for a beer and wished me happy birthday for Sunday… The missus and everyone else who helped organise it all as well… Paul & Kay from the Isabella for letting us take over the bar for the night…. all the people that bought me pressies!! (WEHEYY!!.. finally got an Acoustic Magic Clock!!) and anyone else who was hanging about listening to the music!! I Had a great night and it was a hell of a turnout. CHEEERS!!!

ME.. Blowin my cake across the pub!!!

ME.. Blowin my cake across the pub!!!

After That we all piled back to my house for a party till the daylight started popping through in the morning.. and all the drink was gone.. The birds were singing away when half the people left and I  couldn’t move and was crashed out on the floor!!

Saturday daytime was a dead day literally and I felt like Sav was still playing that helmet as a drum .. apart from it was on my head this time .. OWWW!!!

On the night time we went over to Sunderland , The Independent to see the Stephen Fretwell gig ive been waiting on for months… and it was another cracking night although I struggled to face a drink. Got some cracking photos though for the Nocturnal Images website and had a canny chinese meal while we waited on the doors opening…

Then it was Sunday and I am now officially 30 ..  hahhaha … good thing or bad thing?? Well have to wait and see I guess … I was gigging at Bubbles in Ashington with The Acoustic Magic Team supporting Greg Griffins of the band Proud Mary who has been on tour with Neil Young. Canny eh??

Again another cracking night and it ended with Greg taking to the stage. What a voice on the guy .. and a brilliant set .. look forward to catching him again some time and I’m gona pester him to take his part in the All Acoustic page too.. so il let you know how that goes!!

I Finished off the night by necking as many test tubes as I could get my hands on , which michelle at that point decided to stick them on her hands and do her edward scissor hands impression and I managed to stroll in at 3:30am blotto!! … and then I spent the whole day lying around on Monday!! Pleased I put in the holiday from work … as there was no chance I could have made it!! Like someone else from work who didn’t manage to get there…hahahha.. *cough * shelly *cough * ..

Once again thanks again to all who made the weekend what it was!!

Cheers Big Ears!! Shaggy!!!

Rod Clements @ Bubbles

Another great new gig to get under my belt this week. Rod Clements was one of the original members from the band Lindisfarne and for those of you who dont know who they are then youre probably either too young or youve been locked in the basement by your dodgy father who only feeds you on a sunday!!

Me and my beard!!

Me and my beard!!

Anyways.. Derek from Acoustic Magic managed to sort this out for me and got us the gig supporting Rod Clements at Bubbles in Ashington…what a belta and it was amazing to share the stage with such a Legend!!!!

The running order was Clear Blue Skies, Hague, Myself and then the Fabulous Rod Clements who blew me away with his fingerstyle and slide guitar playing. Having already had a listen on his myspace I didnt really no what to expect from him playing solo but was pleasently surprised .. Damn he can play!!!!!!!



The night went great and Hague pulled a new song out the bag especially..  and also his Tightrope Walking song ,which was the last one he wrote I believe, is slowly becoming my favourite of his set!!

29-3-2009-cbs_1_1296x1936 29-3-2009-cbs_3_1822x1256

Clear Blue Skies had there usual mental banter about them while standing on one leg…. and Derek gave me a shot glass with a straw in it while I was on stage which…. turned out to be lager??? hahahha…  oh and it was also Hairys birthday so he got the dedication of Land Down Under on the night..

We also got the chance to get our photos taking at the end of the show with Rod and thanks to Terry T-Shirt for doing all the photography on the night once again!!

Hahaha Check out the finger!!

Hahaha Check out the finger!!

Hairy with his belly out!!

Hairy with his belly out!!

All in all another great gig for Acoustic Magic which keeps on going from strength to strength..

So to all the Acoustic Magic team , Rod Clements and Hairy for his birthday!!!


Easy To Read

Just thought id give you a quick heads up on my new acoustic solo album which is coming out soon…..

Easy To Read is the title for the upcoming album and is near completion now!! … The album will feature 8 tracks and should be hopefully released over the next couple of weeks.. check back for the dates!

The artwork is also nearly complete and you can see a sample below…. oh and thanks to terry mason for taking the photos down in Newcastle town centre.

Ive added below a sample track for you all to have a listen which is the title track from the album “Easy To Read” … so have a listen and dont forget to leave your comments below.

Easy To Read by Shagpile

The album will also go live on “CDBABY” once released and then on to the digitial distribution market…        i.e  iTunes, Amazon, Napster and such like .. currently both albums are signed up for 12 companies so if theres a preferable one that you like to use….. hopefully it’ll be on the list which will be coming soon!

The track listing upto now is as follows.. but may change over the next couple of weeks…

1. Young

2. You and your Lies

3. Hold On , Slow Down

4. Passing Through

5. Easy To Read

6. Old

7. Mystery

8. (Live Bonus Track) Worth More Than Here – Lyrics by Fiona Dunne

Until the next BLOG .. enjoy!